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Catalogue Deals and Bargains

Catalogue Deals and Bargains

Littlewoods Home Shopping

Littlewoods Home Shopping are probably one of the oldest shopping catalogue companies
that exists today.

Littlewoods started in the early 1930’s by John Moores. Based in Liverpool, United  Kingdom.

Littlewoods catalogues where produced containing a vast range of products. Initially agents where used. The agents would collect order from there customers (which normally be friends, relatives and local people in the agents community) the agent would then purchase the goods and deliver them to the customer with the agent earning a percentage of the goods sold. This traditional method of selling still exists today. Now consumers tend to have there own catalogues or use the Internet to access the Littlewoods Home Shopping website where they can browse the vast range of product available and get the latest discounts and bargains.

Littlewoods still over the same level of service as they have done for over half a century. With free returns, free delivery and credit facilities.

The level of service received is one of the key reasons the company still exists today. In an environment where customer service has seemed deteriorate Littlewoods have excelled.

This with the latest range of goods from the latest electronics products and latest designer fashions make Littlewoods the ideal choose for shopping from the comfort of your home.

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